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[18 May 2004|12:42am]
1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. * the things that you have in common with me.
3. Replace the things that you dont have in common with me with something true about yourself.

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(Don't let it fade away)

[17 May 2004|02:02pm]

(As the wind passes by again Don't let it fade away)

[13 May 2004|12:16am]

Cookie Generator
by Hutta
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[06 May 2004|01:06pm]
something krista said when we were driving once

it's really eating at my head making me think

We're going nowhere slow.
(Don't let it fade away)

[09 Apr 2004|05:17pm]
elyssa is the coolest
elyssa is my favorite © copyright superkidpromotions
elyssa is way fun
elyssa is the youngest jewelry designer at the luxury retailer
elyssa is recommended
elyssa is in a picture contest
elyssa is in trouble
elyssa is developmentally on track
elyssa is a very special friend of mine
elyssa is also a member of owen
elyssa is oblivious to his scars as she meets his intimidating gaze with a temper that flames as bright as her hair
elyssa is definitely a "must
elyssa is a member of pagga
elyssa is 9 and in third grade
elyssa is that we start out thinking she?s going to climb mountains and end up watching
elyssa is almost 9 months and i still bf her and will for a while longer
elyssa is standing up by herself if she is holding on to something
elyssa is radiantly beautiful
elyssa is
elyssa is forced to see that his desperation equals her own
elyssa is confronted by the news that her natural father has been killed in an accident
elyssa is welcome back next year
elyssa is our newest board member
elyssa is placed on loa
elyssa is a grown woman
elyssa is attending kent state university studying biology
elyssa is a character that i would like to see more of
elyssa is that you?" the person turned to elena and sure enough
elyssa is someone to watch
elyssa is a good friend
elyssa is one of my favorite doll patterns
elyssa is a graduate of shore regional high school
elyssa is eleven years old
elyssa is a warrior queen
elyssa is twenty years old and studying in london
elyssa is about 5ft 7" tall
elyssa is a friendly gal from canada
elyssa is a rad girl and i am glad i spotted her on the street
elyssa is a twin
elyssa is an artist
elyssa is thinking about a career in the medical field
elyssa is born
elyssa is blue
elyssa is arguably the most normal one
elyssa is a
elyssa is in front of me and she just finished shaking everyone's hands
elyssa is an attractive woman in her late 40's
elyssa is in the 11th grade at the stockaday school in dallas
elyssa is his daughter
elyssa is all
elyssa is just a vision
elyssa is eight and janson is 10 months
elyssa is only about three weeks away from her due date
elyssa is not stable enough to be moved to tampa
elyssa is working and resting
elyssa is out of town doing a favor for me
elyssa is so grown up and in true teen age rebellion
elyssa is faced with a choice that could prove her most fatal mistake
elyssa is too much
elyssa is the perfect bait for me to catch ono
elyssa is still in her party
elyssa is outside the baaldorf pavilion
elyssa is a happy
elyssa is going to scotland already with the guy
elyssa is alive and well in scotland my younger bro makes
elyssa is so repressed
elyssa is turning into more of a two year old everyday and we are still several months away from age two
elyssa is blue now
elyssa is responsible for setting and maintaining the "tone" of the program
elyssa is astounded by the draconian cuts to patient service she observes at the public health facility where she works grueling back
elyssa is there an information booth in this building?
elyssa is 14
elyssa is breathing better now
elyssa is her legal given name
elyssa is still recovering from that celine dion rehearsal
elyssa is again a healthy
(Don't let it fade away)

[04 Apr 2004|04:49pm]
I decided to have some public entries.

so I will post some when not so person things come up
(Don't let it fade away)

[17 Mar 2004|09:10pm]
Friends only
(Don't let it fade away)

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